Like generations of Boy Scouts before him, Safety Dave is always prepared.  No matter the weather, he has the right footwear, the necessary jacket or raingear, umbrella, galoshes, hat, or gloves.

He would never leave home without knowing what to expect of his day – and if you’re his friend or family member, he will make sure that you are prepared too! 

That’s just what Safety Dave does…

Now, you can be stylish, edgy, avant garde… and prepared!

By wearing a genuine Safety Dave necklace! 

Not to worry!  You have a compass right there on your necklace. Use that whistle – blow it long and LOUD to call for help.

Bowzer won’t come when called?  Blow that same whistle to get his attention!

Need to open a soda or beer?  Sharpen a pencil?  Carry some pills, or a little bit of cash? 

Safety Dave can help!  Check out the Safety Dave line of beautiful – and functional – necklaces right here.

Where did the idea for Safety Dave jewelry come from?
My friend, David, has always been cautious – warning friends and family of the perils of everything from going out in the snow without galoshes, not taking an umbrella when the weatherman says it might rain, crossing the street outside of the designated crosswalks, to looking out for dangerous potholes in the sidewalk.

As a result, his family calls him “Safety Dave.”  When I was first putting together this line of found object necklaces I felt they needed a distinct name.  But what can you call necklaces that have things as diverse as whistles, compasses, keys, lucky charms, and little containers?  What sort of name would relate to all that?

I finally realized the necklaces – and ultimately the name –  related to being prepared for anything, to feeling secure, to knowing you can find your way… and ultimately, they related to my friend, Safety Dave.

Thanks Dave.