PMC [Precious Metal Clay] is a unique form of silver, gold, bronze, or copper that allows jewelry designers to form and sculpt metal by hand. 

Initially soft and pliable – just like clay used for pottery – PMC can be rolled; molded; textured with stamps or other materials, including natural materials like leaves; shaped into abstract forms by “slumping” the clay over an armature; or carved when it is dried leather-hard.  

The very fine particles of precious metal are mixed with water and an organic binder to produce the metal clay. After the piece is shaped, it is dried to a leather-hard state, whereupon it can be sanded smooth, or carved and refined before being fired in a small jeweler’s kiln at high temperatures [1100°F-1675°F] – or with some types of PMC, fired with a small torch for several minutes.

The result is a one-of-a-kind fine silver, sterling silver, gold, bronze, or copper piece of jewelry.

Each unique piece of Mozelle Fine Jewelry made from PMC is designed and handcrafted in my Maine island studio.