Spring is finally here…

One of the earliest signs of Spring in my neck of the woods is the sound of peepers at night.  Well, that happened way back in mid-April, and I have to admit the sounds made my heart soar!

But Spring isn’t really here until I see my first Ruby-Throated Hummingbird... and that happened this afternoon!

The grass can green up, the trees can bud into flowers and baby leaves, daffodils can raise their faces to the sun, tulips unfurl their brilliant red and pink petals by my back step, but until that lustrous little fella zips to the feeder for a quick drink it just isn’t Spring.

Seeing [and hearing] my little hummer this afternoon makes me want to get into the studio and start using my new enamels.  I’ve got a bunch of beautiful new colors, some jewelry ready to go, and a torch just waiting to be fired up.

This weekend will be enamel time in the studio – and a whole new Spring line of jewelry will emerge.

What signals SPRING to you?